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Embed your tickets

Embed a ticket shop on your own website. Simply copy the code and paste to embed the shop

Customers can browse through your events and book them securely via OutSavvy on your website

Embed an events calendar

Easily embed a calendar on your website to allow users to browse your events by date

The calendar links to the event on OutSavvy for quick and easy booking

Embed an OutSavvy button

Embed an OutSavvy button on your own website to link users to your event. Customise your button to match the style of your website

Simply copy the code and paste

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Don’t leave your guests waiting. Use our FREE partner app Dash to easily check-in your guests.

Scan tickets

Use Dash to scan your guests tickets to keep your queue moving. The ticket scanning works on both app and print tickets. It also works offline if you don’t have phone reception

Check in

View your full guestlist and scan or manually check them in

Track guests

Keep track of your guests. See how many of your guests turned up for your event, who checked them in and what time they arrived


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"It has been great working with OutSavvy as one of our partners since they launched in September 2015. Quick and simple"

Alan Stratford King’s Head Theatre

Alan Stratford

King’s Head Theatre

"I felt honoured when OutSavvy approached me and we have been working together exclusively since April 2016 - really exciting"

Alexander Han BANG

Alexander Han


"We joined in November 2015 and have added all of our London events since. OutSavvy is a great partner with appropriate fees, marketing support and clear user interface"

Alex Karotsch Naked Boys Reading

Alex Karotsch

Naked Boys Reading