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The Platform

Discover some of the features and functionality of the OutSavvy ticketing platform

Create Your Event

Create a beautiful responsive event page to promote your event on every device. Upload your imagery, description, terms and more to customise your event and convert visitors to guests.

You can also embed your event for easy ticket buying via embeddable widgets on your website/blog and your event will appear across the OutSavvy app.

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Promote your event on OutSavvy

Advanced Ticketing Features

OutSavvy features a full range of ticketing features to help create and manage your event

  • Flexible ticketing
  • Customer data
  • Guest management
  • Discount codes
  • Hidden tickets
  • Flexible pricing
  • Electronic ticketing
  • Guest badges
  • Waiting list
  • Pre-Sale
  • Payment Plans
Embed your OutSavvy widgets

Set-up different types of tickets with a range of prices, on-sale dates, max/min number per order and more. You can also accept donations.

Create custom form fields

As well as your customers name and email address, you can also create form fields to collect extra data about your guests.

Manage guests

Fully manage your guests. Issue refunds, re-send tickets, refund orders, transfer tickets, message your guests and more.

Create promo codes

Create flexible promo codes to offer customers discounts on specific tickets, unlock hidden tickets or set-up a visible discount.

Hidden tickets

Create hidden tickets with a promo code to unlock them. Track sales through the promo code and create online campaigns to sell tickets.

Simple dates and prices

Create different tickets and prices for each date of your event. Easily manage large multiple date events.

Embed your OutSavvy widgets

E-tickets are assigned to all your guests or downloaded on the OutSavvy app. Sell and assign tickets through the portal.

Create name badges

Create guest badges based on your guestlist. Customise them with scannable QR codes or collected customer details.

Activate the waiting list

Activate the waiting list when your event sells out to keep capturing customer data and assign tickets to customers if more become available

Create an invite only Pre-Sale

Easily create an invite only ticket Pre-Sale to reward loyal customers before tickets go on general sale

Payment Plans

Give your customers the option to pay a deposit on larger value orders and then pay the balance by a specific date or pay the remaining balance in installments monthly

Powerful tools to connect

Use the in-built tools to help sell your tickets to customers. Own your own data, create a private database of customers and keep in touch with them through the platform. All GDPR compliant.

Promote your event on OutSavvy

Guest Management App

Manage your event on the go with OutSavvy Dash! Make changes to your event through the app while accessing real time sales data and even activate ping notifications for each sale.

Get your queue moving by quickly scanning guests ticket on the door or check guests in manually by accessing your full guestlist. You can also sell tickets on the door for your event through the app. Then sell tickets for your next event, all on our partner app.

More Details

Features for Venues

OutSavvy has special features and benefits built in for venues to help make your ticketing as simple and easy as possible.

  • A dedicated widget to sell tickets on your website for ALL events at your venue including events you upload as well as events by your third party event organisers
  • The ability to co-host events with your third party event organisers. Use your OutSavvy customer mailing list, view sales updates, check-in guests at the door and more
  • Enhanced promotional support and features across the OutSavvy platform
Create Your Account
Ticket resell

Ticket Resell & Waiting List

Make sure your event is packed, cut refund requests and keep your customers smiling. When your event has sold out, activate ticket resell and let customers who can't make the event Resell their tickets to the Waiting List. You can even create more revenue by setting a new price for popular Resell tickets.

Let OutSavvy handle all your Ticket Resells and get your final Guest List once Resell ends. Resell is optional and is only ever activated when you want to use it.

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Tour Creator

Created a branded landing page containing all the information about your tour on one page.

Customise your tour page - upload your own imagery to make your page stand out

Tour description - give details about your tour and encourage customer bookings

Gallery - upload imagery and YouTube video links to promote your tour

Faqs - give us much detail as you can and answer any customer queries before they book

Reports and analytics

Reports and Analytics

Get real-time sales stats on your Dashboard and then drill down into our reporting tools to discover more about your sales and customers.

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Embed Widgets

  • calendar

Embed your tickets

Embed a ticket shop on your own website. Simply copy the code and paste to embed the shop. Widgets also available for venues to sell tickets to ALL events at your venue

Customers can browse through your events and book them securely via OutSavvy on your website

Embed an events calendar

Easily embed a calendar on your website to allow users to browse your events by date

The calendar links to the event on OutSavvy for quick and easy booking

Embed an OutSavvy button

Embed an OutSavvy button on your own website to link users to your event. Customise your button to match the style of your website

Simply copy the code and paste

Embed your OutSavvy widgets

Got a really popular event? OutSavvy manages your queue

OutSavvy's custom built queuing system integrates seamlessly into the OutSavvy system. If your event is really popular, let the OutSavvy queue manage your guests.

Never lose an order again due to high load and never let your customers sit in a queue for a sold out event. OutSavvy's custom built system can handle any load and gives constant feedback on the length of the queue, waiting times and status updates 🙌

Promote your event on OutSavvy

Amazing Support

A dedicated account manager plus live online chat support

Our support page gives you hints and tips as you add your event

If you need a hand, just fill out our contact form and one of the team will get back to you

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