Dash App

Manage your events on the go with our app for event partners. Also includes ticket scanning & entry management for your event

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View and manage your guestlist

View your full guestlist and check the details of your customers orders

Real-time sales stats

Keep a track of your sales in real-time. View revenue and tickets sold and get a ping message for each new sale

Check-in your guests

Keep track of your guests and check them in quickly and seamlessly by scanning the QR code on their ticket. Keep your queue moving

Edit & add events

Add new events and manage your existing events through Dash. Change ticket prices, activate your waiting list & lots more all via Dash.

Already a partner? Download Dash today

Download Dash from the Apple App Store or Google Play by clicking the image link below and use your login details to access your account or scan the handy QR code in the Dashboard for easy login. The app is completely FREE to use and you instantly get access to all of Dash’s great features including guest check-in, ticket selling and real-time sales stats.

Features of Dash


    Scan your tickets at the door using our QR codes to keep the queue moving. Scan one ticket to bring up the whole order or scan each ticket individually. Use multiple devices and the check-ins are synced across devices


    Get a ping notification for each sale you make on OutSavvy and view tickets sold and revenue


    Browse through your guest list, view details of their order and when they checked-in


    Don't have any reception? Don't worry. Dash works offline and syncs the data when you are back online

Let's Get Started

Sign up to OutSavy today, get access to Dash & start selling your tickets immediately. Let's make your next event your best one yet.