Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple, transparent and best of all great value for money. Get paid 100% of the price of your ticket.

Simple Pricing

OutSavvy is great value for money with some of the lowest ticket fees on the market. Using our ticketing solution you can pass the small booking fee onto the customer or absorb them into the ticket cost. Use the ticket slider below to calaculate the exact fee for your ticket price.

OutSavvy gives full refunds including the ticket fee back to your customer for refund requests within 10 days of the order being made. Full refunds including ticket fees are refunded when using Ticket Resell.

OutSavvy Ticket Fees

from just 5%

Of each ticket sold includes all fees

  • £1 to £10 = 10%
    Minimum fee - 50p
  • £11 to £20 = 9%
    Minimum fee - £1
  • £21 to £30 = 8%
    Minimum fee - £1.80
  • £31 to £40 = 7%
    Minimum fee - £2.40
  • £41 to £50 = 6%
    Minimum fee - £2.80
  • £51 and up = 5%
    Minimum fee - £3

Price Calculator

Use the slider below to select your ticket price and view our low fees. Fees are gradually lowered for higher ticket items. If you have regular events or special ticketing requirements please contact us for a chat

FREE ticket price
Absorb fees into ticket?

Your customer pays £0.00 and you get £0.00

OutSavvy ticket fee of £0.00 which includes all fees

A low cost flat fee for all tickets £10 and under

A flat fee of £1 per ticket, including credit card processing

There is no cost to add free events on OutSavvy

Contact us for more details or if you would like to discuss ticketing for your event

Pricing FAQ

Do I have to pay anything to get started?

  • Nope, it is completely free to sign-up to OutSavvy and there are no monthly fees. Our small booking fee can be added onto the cost of the ticket so you receive 100% of your ticket price. Of course for free events there are no fees

Can I pass the fees onto the ticket buyer?

  • Yes you can. When you set-up your tickets you can add fees onto the cost of the ticket or absorb them completely

Does this cover all card processing fees?

  • Absolutely. The OutSavvy fee includes all card processing fees. No surprise fees added on and if you add our booking fee to the cost of the ticket you receive 100% of your ticket price

Is VAT applicable?

  • Our booking fee includes our VAT. No hidden fees with OutSavvy

When do I get paid for the tickets I sold?

  • You will be paid in full within at least 5 working days after your event but usually sooner, we know how important it is to get the funds released to you quickly after your event

Is there a cancellation or refund fee?

  • There are no OutSavvy cancellation or refund fees. Your customer gets 100% of the ticket price and fees back when a refund is made within 10 days of the order or the full ticket price back minus the OutSavvy booking fee if the order is older than 10 days

Do you offer discounted rates for registered charities?

  • We have one super low ticket fee for everyone

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