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Can I add a donation for my event?

You can add donations to your events on OutSavvy. Donations can be added to your event when you create or edit your tickets and when added will give your customers the option to give a donation of their choice using the free text field.

Note: Donations on OutSavvy are subject to fees. You can set who pays the fees when you set-up the donation.

1 Collecting donations

When creating or adding new tickets simply select the Donation option from the Ticket Type dropdown field. Donations let your customers decide how much they would like to donate. You may want to give your customers more information about the donation such as a suggested amount by clicking on the Cog and entering extra information in the Extended ticket description field.

TIP: Donations on OutSavvy do not create an attendee on your guestlist. You may want to provide this information to your guests that they will need to get a ticket alongside the donation if they wish to attend.
NOTE: Your customer will receive a sales email with their donation but will not receive a ticket unless they register for a free or paid ticket.

2 Collecting donations at your event

Donations appear on the OutSavvy Dash app and can be used to collect donations at your event or on the door. Just set the end time of the donation ticket type to be during your event and you will be able to collect donations in the SELL screen.