OutSavvy Partner Support

Can I create a shorter URL to share?

Shorter links for events, partner home pages and tours can be created on OutSavvy so that you have an easy to remember URL to share on your socials, print etc.

All links are unique and start with “link.outsavvy.com” followed by your unique link. Links are not generated therefore you can choose your own unique link as long as it isn’t already taken!

To get going just browse to https://partners.outsavvy.com/linkcreator (you need to be logged into your Partner Account). You will then see a list of all your live events, your partner page and any tours you have created. To create a link just start typing in the box by the name. As you type you will be informed if your unique link is available, if not please try again and type a new link. Once you get a confirmation message that your link is available, click the Create button and your new link will be displayed ready for you to click on and test.

If you change your mind or make a mistake just click Remove by the link and you will be able to enter a new link.

Note: You can add query strings onto the end of the new URL and these will be added to the redirected URL i.e. link.outsavvy.com/event1?tracking=code