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How do I tag artists in my lineup?

If your event has a lieup of artists it is really simple to create a line up when creating your event. Just locate the "Enter the Line-Up for your event" textbox and you can start to create your line up.

Artists can create their own pages on OutSavvy and it is possible to tag artists into your line up if their page exists. You will want to do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your event appears on the artists page in their upcoming events list. Secondly, any customer who follows an artist will get an app ping notification to let them know a new event by their favourite artist has been added. 

When creating your list just use the @ symbol and start typing the artist name. If they have an OutSavvy artists page then select the artist from the list. If the artist doesn't have any OutSavvy artist page yet then just add their name to the list.

You can add extra text around the list of artists for example if you have shows at different times or different rooms.