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How do I upload an event image?

Adding an image to your event can help it stand out on the OutSavvy platform and app. Follow the guide below to create your event image and upload to your event on OutSavvy.


Image specification Main Banner: The main banner on OutSavvy has the dimension 1200px x 675px and of a 16 : 9 ratio. This image is used as your hero image for events across the OutSavvy web platform and apps.


Image specification Mobile: The mobile version of your event image is optional and if uploaded is used on the app and mobile version of OutSavvy.com in place of your main banner image. This mobile banner dimension is 1080px x 1080px and of a 1 : 1 ratio.


1 Locate the Add Image control when you add a new event or edit your event

Click on Upload your image or the ‘UPLOAD IMAGE’ button. Then select the image from your computer control will pop-up. You will need to locate the image you wish to use upload on your computer.


Maximum file size: The maximum file size you can upload is 2MB. You will get a warning if you try to upload a file that is larger in size.


Image creation: There are a number of image creation and manipulation tools you can use to create your perfect image such as Photoshop for professionals or online tools such as PicResize. Any images you use must be yours or adhere to Creative Common copyright licenses. You can find many sites that have free imagery to use under an open licence.


2 Optionally crop your image


Tip: You can skip this step entirely by uploading an image of the correct dimension and under 1MB in size. The image will upload without the need to crop the image and compress it.



A new popup will appear with a cropping tool for any images that are greater than 1MB and not of the correct dimensions. You can drag the cropping tool and change the size of the cropping area.


3 Save your changes


You can see a preview of your image in the upload section before you approve the changes. Once happy save your changes and View or Preview your event to view the changes.