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I have made a mistake! How do I edit an event?

No need to panic, it is really easy to change the information on OutSavvy. If you want to update basic event information then follow the guide below. If you need to make changes to the event that affect customers who have already bought tickets (i.e. wrong date entered, change of location) then it is best to get in contact with OutSavvy and we can advise you how to proceed.


1 Making changes to event details

Select your event in the My Events page and navigate to Event Details > Edit event in the Dashboard menu. Make the necessary changes to your event and click the Edit Event button to make the changes live.


2 Make changes to event dates

Under the Dashboard menu navigate to Edit Event > Edit dates. If you have made a mistake regarding the start time or end time of the event and you can also edit any extra details.  If you have entered an incorrect date you can easily delete it if you haven't sold any tickets for that date.


3 Making changes to event tickets

If you spot a mistake on any of your tickets you can rectify it on the Edit Tickets menu. You can access this in the Dashboard navigation under Edit Event > Edit tickets. From here you can edit all fields you entered on the add ticket screen. You will need to do this on a date by date basis so if you have made a mistake on a ticket type that spans multiple dates you will need to select each date from the dropdown and edit the ticket type for each date.



Any tickets sold before you make the change will be updated but if you have made a pricing mistake the customer will have been charged the previous amount. If you have made a mistake on the pricing and you can't honour the price, you can refund their order and cancel their tickets.  Please search for refunding tickets for help with this.