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What are event add-ons?

Event add-ons are extras you can add to your event tickets in order to up-sell your event to guests. Add-ons can either be physical merchandise that guests can pick up at your event or they can be vouchers that guests redeem for extras. For example, you could sell t-shirts, programmes etc for guests to purchase alongside your their tickets or you could create an add-on to upgrade their event experience for example a drink on arrival, a VIP experience, a meet and greet etc. All add-ons must be redeemable at the event.

Add-ons have the same low fees as tickets on OutSavvy so they are a great way to up sell your event to guests.

NOTE: Add-ons are not tickets and do not grant people entry to your event. It is clear across the ticket buying process that add-ons are not tickets. They can however be scanned on guest arrival using OutSavvy Dash.

Add-ons always give the guest a ticket but you can optionally remove the QR code if you don’t plan to scan their add-on on arrival. You can edit your add-ons at any time and also change the quantity and all details on the Edit Add-On screen.

TIP: You can upload an image of your add-on to help sell the upgrade at the checkout. Image size is 800px x 800px and needs to be less than 1MB. If you upload an image that is larger you can use the cropping tool to create your image.
NOTE: Add-ons are not valid for ticket resell. You can however refund add-ons in the same way as you refund tickets on OutSavvy. Add-ons are also not part of the Waiting List and if you activate your Waiting List, guests can join the wait for tickets even if you still have add-ons on sale.

Start creating your add-ons by accessing your event Dashboard and browse to Event Details > Edit Add-Ons.