OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I create a Boost?

It is really easy to create a Boost for your event! All you need is a valid debit or credit card.

Browse to Promote Event >  Boost in the Dashboard menu of your event. On this page you can view the stats and manage previously created Boosts. Just click the Boost My Event button and follow the instructions below:

1 Select the event you wish to boost

In the dropdown menu you can select from all your current live and public events that aren't currently being boosted.
2 Select the campaign length and daily budget

Select the start and end date of your campaign. You can't set an end date past the end date of your event. Now select the max daily budget you want to spend using the slider. This is the maximum you will spend per day. You may spend less depending on the location and type of event but you will never spend more than your daily budget.
Pro tip: We recommend a daily budget of at least £5 for a Boost to be effective.
3 Add your card details

Add or select the card you wish to use to pay for the campaign. After your campaign is finished you will automatically be billed the campaign spend on your chosen card.

4 Now just create your boost

Now just press the Create Boost button. OutSavvy now performs a quick check on your Boost and aims to have it live the same day. You can now track the effectiveness of your Boost at anytime, pause the boost and make any changes to the length of the Boost or your budget.