OutSavvy Partner Support

What are the access rights for Co-Hosts?

When creating a new Co-Host you can set the access rights for each Co-Host. The detailed access rights for Co-Hosts can be found below.

Tip: Co-Hosts do not have access to the partner app OutSavvy Dash. You can create a Dash Token to give them access rights to scan in tickets here
1 Basic Access Rights

  1. Can view the event Dashboard
  2. Can't view financial data on the Dashboard
  3. Can't view customer orders on the Dashboard
2 Co-Host Can Edit Event

  1. Can make changes the event including the description, terms etc
  2. Can make changes to tickets including changing the ticket name, price, on sale dates etc
  3. Can add new tickets
  4. Can edit date information
  5. Can't cancel event dates
  6. Can't reschedule event dates
  7. Can edit add-ons
  8. Can add new add-ons
3 Co-Host Can Edit Event

  1. Can download the guest list
  2. Can view all orders for the event
  3. Can re-send guests tickets
  4. Can download a PDF of the guests tickets
  5. Can create guest badges
  6. Can't refund or cancel any orders
  7. Can't transfer a guests tickets
  8. Can't message guests
4 Co-Host Can View Financials

  1. Can view the revenue for the event on the Dashboard
  2. Can't set payout bank details for the event
  3. Can't view invoices