OutSavvy Partner Support

What are OutSavvy Communities?

OutSavvy Communities are a great way of creating groups of customers if you run multiple events or have multiple locations for your events. You can then create campaigns targeted specifically to these Communities for example set-up a ticket Pre-Sale to all customers who have purchased tickets previously to an event tagged with the Community London.


An example of different Communities you might want to create:

  • A location based Community. If you run events in different cities and want a way to group those customers, you could create a Community based on that city. When customers buy tickets for an event tagged with your Community they are automatically added to your city Community. This will make it easier to invite guests to future events based on their location.
  • A preferences based Community. If you run different types of events i.e. a clubbing event, a drag show etc. you could create Communities based on the type of event. Then you can invite guests from specific preference based Communities to future events to ensure you target customers who will be interested in that event.


When you create or edit an event you can select which Communities you want to associate with that event. As your customers buy tickets they will be automatically added to the Communities you tagged. 


Once you have created a Community, you now have the option to send Invites and Pre-Sales to your Community members.