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My customer purchased tickets for the wrong date, how do I transfer the tickets?

If your event has multiple dates, it is possible to transfer orders between dates if your customer purchases the wrong ticket or can no longer make the date.

It is possible for customers to transfer their tickets between dates themselves. This option is disabled by default when you set-up an event. To make changes to this policy just browse to Booking Options > Order Transfer Options in the Dashboard menu for your event. You can set your Transfer Policy on a per ticket basis as well as deciding if customers can transfer their tickets between your dates and different events.

If you would like to transfer your customer’s tickets for them you can do so by finding your customer in the Manage Guest screen under Guest Management in the Dashboard menu. In the Order actions drop down menu select Transfer Tickets. 

Follow the instructions to transfer your guest’s tickets. If there is a difference in price between tickets, you can either take payment (you will need your customers card details) or set the fee to 0 to transfer for free.  Your guest will be emailed their new tickets when completed.