OutSavvy Partner Support

My customer would like a refund/order cancellation, how do I refund/cancel a ticket?

To refund a customer/cancel their order, login to the Partner Portal, select your event and navigate to Manage Guests > Guest Management in the Dashboard nav. Find the order and select the Manage guest option. In the dropdown list at the bottom of the order select the 'Refund/cancel tickets' option.

In the Cancel Tickets screen, check the details of the order are correct before continuing. Once confirmed select the tickets you would like to refund in the first step. OutSavvy supports partial refunds on orders. Enter a reason for the refund/cancellation in the next step (this will be included in the refund email sent to your guest).

Finally, click the Cancel Tickets button to cancel the tickets selected and if the tickets were paid for to refund their order. An email is sent to the guest with details of the refund/cancellation.

Refunds can take up to 5 working days to appear in the guests account.