OutSavvy Partner Support

Can I send out free tickets?

Yes absolutely. You can send any ticket type on OutSavvy to a guest. There are no fees for sending tickets for free on OutSavvy.


1 Navigate to the Assign Free Tickets page

To do this select the event you wish to send out the free tickets to by selecting Booking Options > Assign free tickets in the Dashboard navigation.

2 Fill out the form

Select the number of tickets you wish to send to your guest in the dropdown list. You can send tickets of multiple types to your guest. The ticket price is shown but there is no charge for sending these tickets and they will be listed with a value of zero in your invoice.


Enter your guest information including the name and email address. Be sure to enter the guest's email address correctly as this will be used to send the tickets to your guest. Once entered select the Confirm button and the free tickets will be sent to your guest and their name added to your guest list.