OutSavvy Partner Support

How can I customise my home page?

Once you have registered your OutSavvy you can configure your home page settings here.


1 Edit your details

There a number of options to customise here including your partner name, description, website url and location.

  • Your partner name appears on your tickets, events and on your home page
  • On your home page, your name appears in the main banner, which is customisable with a background image. You can change the text colour so it does not clash with your background image. The default colour is white.
  • Edit your description to give customers more details about your company or event.
  • Your website URL is displayed as a link on your home page
  • If you are a venue or your event is always at the same venue you can display a map on your home page so your location is easy to find
2 Connect your social media

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to your home page. No need to enter full urls, just enter the name of your Facebook page, your Twitter name and your Instagram id.


3 Upload your imagery

Add or change your logo or your home page banner.

Your logo appears on your home page, on each event and also on your tickets. The logo size is 300px x 213px and it has to be in the gif, jpg or png format. Select the upload button and select your logo image. if the image is not the correct dimensions, you can use the cropping tool to create your logo image. If you are happy with the logo click the Save Settings button to save your changes. You can upload a new logo at any time. 

Your banner appears at the top of your home page. The banner size is 1500px x 500px and it has to be in the gif, jpg or png format.