OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I check in customers?

If you want to check-in your customers using the OutSavvy Partner Dash app you can either scan in their tickets on arrival or use the guest list feature to manually check them in.


To scan in tickets, select your event from the home screen. Select the Check-in your guest option to open the scanner. You will have to grant the app access to your camera. From here you can scan in the QR codes on your guests tickets as they arrive from their ticket print out or from their OutSavvy app ticket. You can, optionally, turn on your camera flash for better camera visibility in dark conditions. When you scan a guest’s ticket, the whole order will be shown and the ticket holder’s ticket selected that you scanned. You can then decide to select all guests to check in if they are present or scan the tickets one by one and just check in the first guest.


If your guest has forgotten their ticket or you are having issues scanning, you can search for them by selecting the guest list button and following the instructions below.


To manually check in your guests select the View and manage your guest list from the home screen. From here you can filter your list at the top of the screen and search for your guest by name. Once you select the guest you can view details of their order. You can either check in all guests from the order or just check in one guest. Select the Check In button to check in your guests and return to the guest list. 

If you have your own ticket scanners for event entry, simply export the event data in Event Reports and include the option "Ticket QR code" and import this data into your own system. You will require ticket scanners that can scan QR codes.