OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I create and manage OutSavvy Dash Tokens?

You can create OutSavvy Tokens for easy access to OutSavvy Dash here.

You can view all your active tokens and revoke and grant access rights on this page. Check if the Token has access in the "Has Access?" column and you can also see if the token has been activated on a device using the "Is Activated on Device?" column.

In Step 2 you can create your new Dash access tokens. Just give your token a description to help you identify the token. For example, this could be the name of a device or the name of a member of staff. When a ticket is scanned or a guest checked in, the name of the token will be recorded alongside the check-in so you can identify which device checked-in your customer.

OutSavvy Dash Tokens are always alphanumeric and are in the following format: