OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I sell tickets to customers?

You can sell tickets to customers for all active events through the OutSavvy Dash app. All you will need is the customer's name, email and their payment card details. Select the event you wish to sell tickets for on the main menu and select the Sell tickets to your event button. Select the number of tickets you wish to sell to your customers. A total will be given and you can advise your customers of the amount before continuing. From here just follow the form entering your customer's name and email address. Please advise your customer that they will receive their tickets to the email address supplied. If they already have an OutSavvy account they can transfer their tickets to their existing account by following the link in the email.


On the next screen enter the customers card details, you will require the long card number, the expiry date, the CSV number and their postcode; once entered press the Submit button. Any issues with the transaction will be shown on screen otherwise you will get a confirmation that the tickets have been sent to your customer and their tickets added to the guest list.