OutSavvy Partner Support

What are Payment Plans?

Payment Plans are available on OutSavvy to help spread the cost of tickets over a period of time for your customers. 

OutSavvy has two Payment Plans available for orders over £30:

1. Pay a Deposit

Pay a 25% deposit now and the rest payable by the final payment date as specified by you.

Example of a deposit scheme for a £50 order which includes ticket fees:
Payable at the time of booking: £15.50 (25% of the order total and all OutSavvy ticket fees)
No. of Future Payments: 1
Final Payment due by final payment date: £34.50
Total Price of Order: £50.00

2. Monthly Payment Plan

Pay a 25% deposit now and the split the rest payable over a maximum of 5 months and minimum of 2 months all due by the final payment date as specificed by you.

Example of a monthly payment plan for a £50 order including ticket fees where the final payment due date is 3 months away:
Payable at the time of booking: £18.50 (including all OutSavvy ticket fees plus £3.00 OutSavvy payment plan admin fee)
No. of Future Payments: 3 (split by the number of months left before the final payment is due)
3 Monthly Payments: £11.50
Total Price of Order: £53.00