OutSavvy Partner Support

General questions on Pre-Sale.

Can anyone else access ticket Pre-Sale without an invite being sent?

No, customers need to be sent an invite to access Pre-Sale. If a customer tries to access the event without a Pre-Sale invite link they will be redirected to the homepage.

Can I end ticket Pre-Sale early?

Yes, just browse to the Pre-Sale page in the Dashboard menu and set the end date to be todays date and time and the Pre-Sale will end. You can always switch it back on if you make a mistake.

Can I invite more customers to the Pre-Sale after the first invites go out?

Yes, you can send out as many Pre-Sale invites as you like. This means you can send them out in stages based on your customers.

Can I start ticket Pre-Sale at a specific time in the future?

Yes, just set the start date to be in the future. You can send out your Pre-Sale invites and when customers follow the link they are told when the Pre-Sale starts.