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How do I create a Pre-Sale and invite customers?

It is really simple to create a Pre-Sale and invite select customers to purchase their tickets before they go on general sale. If you have already created your event browse to Pre-Sale in the events Dashboard menu under Event Details and skip the first step below:

1 Creating Your Event

When creating your event you will find a date select tool that allows you to choose a start date and an end date for your ticket Pre-Sale. If you want the Pre-Sale to start at a specific date enter the future date into the starts date field otherwise select todays date for your Pre-Sale to start as soon as you publish the event. Set the end date of your Pre-Sale. After this date your tickets will go on general sale and although the Pre-Sale links will still work they will not be required to access the event. Once your event is published you can configure your Pre-Sale and start inviting customers.

TIP: Make sure your on sale start date of your tickets match the on sale start date of your Pre-Sale. You don’t want customers clicking to buy their tickets when the Pre-Sale starts but have no tickets on sale!
2 Configure Pre-Sale

Access the Pre-Sale settings page in your events Dashboard menu under Event Details. From here you can configure the start and end date of your Pre-Sale. If you haven’t setup a Pre-Sale when you added the event you can now select the start and end time of the Pre-Sale. Once the Pre-Sale expires the tickets will be back on general sale.

Now it is time to invite your customers to your Pre-Sale! Click the Create Invite button to access the invite creation form.

There are a number of options to configure before sending out your invites.

  • Your Name – the email will be sent to your customers and the name on the email will appear as you enter here
  • Your Email Address = the email will be sent form an OutSavvy email address but the reply to will be set as this email address
  • Email Subject – set the email subject to encourage your customers to open the invite email
  • Your Message – by default we pull in your event description and add some instructions so that your customer knows how to complete the order. You can change and add anything you like to the email but we encourage you to make it clear that the link is exclusive to the customer and they shouldn’t share their link
  • Upload Image – by default we use your event image but you can change this if you prefer. The image size is 1080px x 1080px but if you upload a different size image you can crop it on upload.
  • Schedule the invite – leave blank to send immediately or choose the date you would like the incites to be sent

Finally, we need to invite your customers. There are five ways to choose which customers you would like to send the invite to:

  • Manually enter your customers details – you can upload a customers email address, first name and last name one by one. Please ensure you have permission to email your customer.
  • Add all your customers in your mailing list – as you sell tickets on OutSavvy you will create a database of customers who have given you permission to contact them regarding future events. Click the button here to import all your customers.
  • Choose which tribes to send the invite to – this option is only available if you use the OutSavvy Tribes function. If you have set-up customer Tribes you can select which Tribe to send the invite to.
  • Upload CSV file of guests – upload a CSV of guests. In order to upload properly the first row of your file must contain the labels "Email", "FirstName" and "LastName" for the first three columns. Then add your customers one by one row by row. The file must be a CSV file.
  • Select guests from past events – lastly, you can select customers based on specific events they have attended in the past. This is particularly useful if you run different events from the same account and want to target past attendees of a specific event.

Then press the Create Invites button and your invites will be scheduled to send! On the main screen you can now download a report of the invites and see how many guests you converted to purchase tickets.