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How can I add my event from OutSavvy to Facebook?

How do I add my event to Facebook? OutSavvy have teamed up with Facebook to make it really easy to add your OutSavvy event to your Facebook page. Once you have added your event to OutSavvy browse to Promote Event > Add To Facebook in the Dashboard menu.
1 Link your account

Firstly, link your OutSavvy account to your Facebook account. Click the Continue with Facebook button and follow the popup prompt. We only need one permission “Show a list of the Pages you manage” so that we can retrieve your page list. Select the page you would like to sync the event to (you can select more than one if you wish to push future events to a different page).
Note: Only users who have the Create event permission can publish events from OutSavvy to Facebook.
2 Setup

Your connected account will be shown here as well as the option to select which Facebook page you would like to post if multiple pages were chosen. Click Continue to go to the next step.
3 Publish

Decide if you would like your event to be published immediately or kept in draft on Facebook. OutSavvy syncs all the data we can over to Facebook. We are unable to send event images in the event description and we strip out any tables or quotes etc due to limitations on the Facebook description field. Once decided press Finish and your event will be sent to Facebook.
4 Finish

You will be shown a link for your brand new Facebook event which you can follow to check the event and also make any changes. Be sure to accept the admin request for the event so you become the event admin. You will now be able to sync future events by just publishing them as you add them to OutSavvy without needing to link your Facebook account. However, from time to time the credentials on Facebook might expire and you may need to relink the accounts.
Note: Once the event is published on Facebook OutSavvy does not make any changes to the event and we can’t access any further information from Facebook about your event. If you need to cancel the event or make changes you will also need to update the event on Facebook.