OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I add a Facebook store to my fan page?

Please note: You need at least 2,000 fans to add our Facebook store to your fan page. This is a restriction set by Facebook.


Have a large audience on your Facebook fan page? You can add an OutSavvy shop to your fan page to sell tickets directly on Facebook. Just follow the guide below to add your store.


1 Connect your Facebook account

Login to your OutSavvy Partner account and browse to the following link: https://partners.outsavvy.com/connected-apps. Select the first option, Facebook box office. Click the Continue with Facebook button and login with the account you use to manage your fan page. You will need to give us Manage Page access so we can create the store on your page. Please note that we only add the store to your page and we do not post of manage anything else.

2 Select your fan page

Once you have connected your Facebook account you will see a list of all the fan pages you have access to. Click Add Facebook App by the fan page you wish to add the store to. The store will be added to your fan page and all your live events will appear on the store ready to sell.




Renaming your store: By default we call the page tab Ticket Shop. You can rename this by going to your Settings / Templates and Tabs and clicking on Settings by the Ticket Shop. Click Edit Settings to rename the tab.