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How do I create a tour landing page on OutSavvy?

It is really easy to create a tour homepage on OutSavvy and group all your events together into one easily customizable, sharable page. Tour homepages are ideal for when you have multiple events in different cities for example and you want to share one page instead of multiple.

You can create multiple tour pages on OutSavvy and group together as many events as you like. To get started log into the Partner Portal and browse to https://partners.outsavvy.com/tourhome.

1 Name The Tour

If you have started to create a page or already have a tour landing page live you can view and edit the pages in the list. Otherwise press the Create New Tour button to get started. All you need to get started is the name of your tour. This will be shown on your landing page and will also be used as the URL of your tour (which you can change later if you need). Enter the name of the tour and press Create Tour Page.

2 Getting Started

Now the fun really starts! On the left hand side of the screen you will see your tour creator navigator and on the right hand side a preview of your tour landing page. As you create this page you can always view the changes in the preview page.

Note: As this is a preview of your page the site navigation in the header and footer might not work as you expect and they are only there to show you how your page will look when published on the OutSavvy site.

To complete your tour page you will need the following mandatory resources:
  1. Tour header image- 1200px x 584px
  2. Text about your tour
  3. About your tour image – 750px x 750px

Tip: If you don’t haven imagery this exact size don’t worry, the OutSavvy image uploader helps you to crop imagery as you upload it.

There are also several optional resources you can upload but we will highlight these as we create your tour.
3 Tour Settings

Select the option Tour Page Edit from the list. This is the most important page and will from the basis of your tour page. As you edit each option you can press the Preview Changes button at the bottom of the page to refresh the page preview and view your changes. Don’t forget, you will need press the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page to save your changes or you will lose them if you navigate away!

Although most of the options are self-explanatory there are more details about some of the options below:

OutSavvy Events – pick which events you would like to list on your tour page. To show all your current live events just leave as is or to select specific events click the “Show all your events?” buttons and select the events that you would like to show on this particular tour.

Socials – you can display links to your socials on your tour page linking to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. Each social link requires you to upload either your page id or a link in the URL of your page. For instructions on each one hover in the “i” red circle. Test each link as you add them by refreshing the page preview.

4 Gallery

Imagery and video can be the best way to show what your tour is all about. In the gallery you can upload both imagery and YouTube videos to display to your users.

To upload a YouTube video all you need to do is paste in the Id of the video (copy the id from the URL of your video not the whole url e.g. copy id after v=) and the title of the video. The video preview image will be used automatically in the gallery. Click the Add YouTube button to save the video.

To add an image you will need to upload the image to the gallery. The image needs to be 800px x 600px but you can crop the image on upload if you don’t have an image with the required dimensions. Add a title to the gallery image and click Add Image To Gallery to upload it.

If you want to remove an item from the gallery just browse to the Manage Your Gallery Items at the bottom of the page and click on the cross for each item you would like to remove.

5 FAQs

On the main screen select the FAQ option to start uploading your questions and answers. Try and think about any questions your customers may have about the tour. For example details about acts, dates, refund policy etc.

To upload your FAQ enter the question and answer and click the Add FAQ button. Once you have uploaded all your FAQs click Save FAQs to publish them to your tour page. If you make a mistake just press the cross by your FAQ and save your changes.

6 Analytics

Last step, if you want to track traffic to your tour page you can add your Google Analytics tracking code, Facebook Pixel Id or Twitter Universal Website tag. Click Analytics on the home screen and enter your tags into the text boxes. Click on the red circle “i” symbol to get more details about the tag and how to upload the correct format. Once added click Save Analytics to send them live.

7 Publish!

Once you are happy with your tour page it is time to publish it live! Click Publish Tour Page on the home screen and if you have entered all the mandatory data your tour will go live! Your tour URL is displayed at the top of the page so you can review you page and you can edit any of the data at any time by returning to this page.