OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I set-up an affiliate campaign?

You can set-up an affiliate campaign on OutSavvy to track sales from your promoters. You can choose the level of compensation your affiliate will receive for each sale they directly give you.


To set-up the campaign select the event you wish to set-up the campaign for in the My Events screen and navigate to Promote Event > Affiliate Campaign in the Dashboard menu. You can view any current affiliate campaigns you have set-up at the top of the screen including how many clicks your affiliate has generated and how many sales they have made.


From here select Add New Campaign. Set-up a campaign id for your record, this link will be shown in your campaign link so keep it short and snappy. You can then choose your remuneration for your affiliates for each sale made; this could be a percentage of the ticket or a set fixed fee. Enter the name and email address you wish to send the affiliate invite email from. Hit the refresh button to preview your affiliate invite. Once happy it’s time to decide who to send your affiliate invite to.


1. Manually enter your Promoters

You can enter the details of your promoters one by one entering the name and email addresses.


2. Upload CSV file of Promoters

If you have a previous list of promoters you can import them into the OutSavvy system using the CSV upload. The CSV requires the following fields as column headers on the first row - "Email", "FirstName" and "LastName".



Once uploaded press the Send Invites button to invite your promoters to your affiliate program. You can track invites and sales on the main Affiliate campaign screen. If you require different remuneration for groups of promoters then set-up multiple affiliate campaigns.