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I want to set-up a promo-code, how do I do this?

Easy, just select the event you want to setup the promo code and navigate to Promote Event > Promo Code & Discounts in the Dashboard menu.


You can view any existing promo codes for this event on the screen and you can cancel promo codes, see how many customers have claimed the code or make any changes here.


There are three types of promo codes you can set-up:

1. Discount code - a discount code that gives your customers a set discount (money off or percentage) off the price of tickets
2. Ticket discount - a discount on a ticket type that does not require a code and is visible to everyone. For example you may want to set-up a low wage discount off a General Admission ticket. This means you do not need to set-up a new ticket type.
3. Hidden tickets - a code which unlocks hidden tickets. You can set tickets to be hidden when creating a new ticket type which are unlocked only when entering this code.

Concessions: You can create a concession ticket type by creating a ticket discount. When a customer buys a concession ticket, the total purchased is taken off the parent ticket type count. This allows you to manage the event capacity wihtout having to create multiple ticket types and assigning capacity to each type.

1 Create the code

After choosing the type of promo code or discount you want to create you need to configure the code. Firstly, enter your promo code; this is the code you will hand out to your customers (only valid for type 1 & 2). Set a start and end date for this campaign. You may want to run this for the whole of your event or for a shorter period of time. Set the promo code discount, you can give a percentage off your ticket or a set amount of money off.&nbsp Finally, enter the max number of usages for this campaign. Leave blank if you want unlimited usages.


2 Apply to tickets

Now you can choose the tickets you wish to apply this promo code to. If you have selected a hidden reveal promo code, you will only be show tickets which are currently hidden. Select all the tickets you wish to apply the promo code to and press the Create Code button to create the new promo code campaign.