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How do I add a Google Analytics Tracking Pixel?

It is easy to add your Google Analytics tracking id to OutSavvy. You can track your visitors on your event page, the user details page and the Checkout page. All you need to do is set-up a new Property in Google Analytics and paste it into the OutSavvy Partner Portal.

1 Get your Event Url

Click the My Events link in the top nav to find your current live and past events. Copy an event url from one of your events (this is required by Google Analytics when setting up a new Property).

2 Log-in to Google Analytics

Go to your Google Analytics Dashboard and click the gear wheel Admin button in the bottom left hand corner.
Tip: If you do not have a Google Analytics account you can sign up for an account here or log-in to your account here.

In the admin menu find the Property settings and select Create Property at the top of the screen. Select Web and click Continue. Add the following data to create the new property:

• Website Name: Enter a custom name for the property. The name of your event or partner name is good.

• Website URL: Paste the event page URL that you copied from OutSavvy Make sure you select https:// from the dropdown menu. OutSavvy only supports secure pages.

Note: Paste in the entire url minus the https
Note: Choose an industry category that best suits your event and ensure you get the time zone correct
Tip: Even though you have provided a url for a single OutSavvy event you can track traffic from all your events if you select the All events option on OutSavvy when you enter the Google Analytics tracking id
3 Get your Tracking Id

Once you have created your Property locate the Tracking Id. It can be found in the menu Tracking Info > Tracking Code. You just need to copy the Tracking ID that starts with "UA-."

Note: Google Analytics provides an HTML tracking code but this is not compatible with OutSavvy, we only require the Tracking ID.
4 Enter your Tracking Id in OutSavvy

Go back to the Partner Portal and select the event you would like to add Google Analytics to (you can add Google Analytics tracking to just one event or all your events). In the Dashboard menu browse to Event Reporting > Event Tracking.

Click the Google Analytics section and a pop-up will allow you to customise your settings. Select if you would like to track just this event or all events. If you select All Events your Tracking Id is applied to all your current and past events and is automatically applied to new events as they are created.

Finally paste your Tracking Id from Google Analytics and press Save. Your Google Analytics Tracking Id is now applied to all relevant pages.
5 Verify your Tracking Id

Check your Google Analytics Tracking Id is working by browsing to the url of the event you just applied the Tracking Id to and go back to Google Analytics and check that the traffic is recorded.
Note: If you don’t see events recorded in your Universal Analytics account, double check that you entered the correct Tracking ID.