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How do I add a Twitter pixel?

It is really simple to add a Twitter tracking pixel to events on OutSavvy. Firstly, you will need to create a Twitter pixel tracking id in your Twitter Ads account:


1. Log in to your Twitter Ads Business Manager account

You can log in to your Twitter Ads account here


2. Select Tools


3. Click Conversion Tracking


4. Generate a Universal Website Tag

Click "Create a new conversion event" or open an existing conversion event to find the page pixel id.


5. Select Universal Website Tag

When creating the new conversion event, always select to use a Universal Website Tag.


6. Save your Pixel ID.


Once you generate a Universal Website Tag, you should see something like this: "twttr.conversion.trackPid( ‘xxxXX’,"

The Page Pixel ID you should enter is the value is in “trackPid(xxxXX)”.


Now the pixel is created you will need to add the pixel to OutSavvy. Navigate to Event Reports > Tracking Pixels in the Dashboard menu. Any existing pixels are shown and you can edit or delete the pixel.


Click on the Twitter button and the options to enter your pixel will pop-up. You can apply the pixel to all events as they are created or enter a different pixel id into the system for each event. Once saved, the Twitter pixel will start to track your event page visits including the payment screen and tickets.