OutSavvy Partner Support

How do we track email invites and messages?

Email tracking tells you if your contacts open the emails you send from the invite and messaging tools. After every campaign a report will show how many deliveries, bounces, complaints and read opens you have received.

Each time you send an email through OutSavvy, we embed a tiny invisible graphic in the bottom of your HTML email. When your customer opens your email with images turned on, that graphic is downloaded from our server, and it's recorded as an open. This industry standard is a great tool for tracking opens but it does have limitations. Because it relies on a hidden graphic embedded in your campaign code, open tracking won't work in Plain-Text Campaigns. Similarly, open tracking won't work if your contacts or their email client have chosen not to display images. You can ask your contacts to add you to their address book, or choose to display images in their email client to get more accurate open tracking.

All other statistics will give you an accurate figure for the number of delieveries, bounces and complaints that your campaign generates.