OutSavvy Partner Support

What is Ticket Resell?

OutSavvy Ticket Resell allows guests to sell their tickets to customers on the Waiting List if they can no longer make an event and your event has sold out. Some reasons why you should activate Ticket Resell for guests:

  • Make Extra Revenue
    You are able to set the pricing of your sold out tickets to make some extra revenue if an existing guest decides to resell their tickets. If we match the tickets with someone on the waiting list, the new guest will pay the waiting list price for the ticket. The person reselling their tickets will receive a full refund on the original price and you receive any additional revenue.
  • Fill Your Event
    Ensure your event is packed by filling it with customers who can attend. 
  • Extra Guest Information
    Grow your database and capture extra guest information to invite more guests to future events.