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How do I release tickets to customers on the Waiting List?

If more tickets become available and your Waiting List is active you can release tickets to customers on the Waiting List. To find which customers are on the list go to the Waiting List page in the event Dashboard menu.

Go to step 4, Active Waiting Lists, where you can find guests who have requested Waiting List tickets. You can see the number of tickets they have requested, the status of their Waiting List request and their user details. The order is set by the date they requested tickets, the first customers on the list requested their tickets first.

If the Waiting List request is active you can release tickets by clicking on the Release Tickets button. Set the time you wish the customer to complete the order by (this allows you to offer the tickets to the next guest on the list if the customer no longer wants the tickets) and press the release Tickets button. The customer is then sent an email with a unique link where they can purchase the number of tickets requested for the price shown in the Waiting List.

You can view all active, expired and completed Waiting List request by downloading a report by pressing the Download All button at the bottom of the screen.