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How do I add event dates on the add event screen?

Once you have entered all your event information you will need to enter your event dates. You will need to enter each date one by one into the system or use the multiple date picker tool.


1 Adding a date

Multiple dates: If you have multiple dates go to step 2 and follow the instructions to add multiple dates to your event.

Select the Start date textbox and a dropdown will appear with a calendar and time slider. Select the start time and date of your event. If you have multiple entry times you can create multiple dates of the same date with different start and end times. Do the same for the end date setting the end date and time for your event. If your event ends on a different day please ensure you have selected the correct day and time.

2 Selecting multiple dates

If your event has multiple dates you can use the Add multiple dates tool. Just click the 'Add multiple dates' link. Enter the start time and end time of the dates you wish to upload and select if the end time is the same day, the next day etc. Then select the multiple dates by clicking on the calendar one by one. When finished click the 'ADD DATES' button and all the dates will appear in the list.


3 Confirm dates

If you have made a mistake simply click on the trashcan to remove that date from the list. If you delete by accident just add the date again. Next you need to add your tickets. You can add multiple tickets for each date and choose which ticket applies to which date. More information is available here.