OutSavvy Partner Support

Can I reschedule my event?

It is easy to reschedule the date of your event on OutSavvy. Please find instructions below including advice regarding how to contact your customers.

1 Reschedule the date

The first thing to do is change the date of the event. To do this login to the Partner Portal, select your event and navigate to Event Details > Edit Dates in the Dashboard nav. Find the date you want to reschedule and press the Reschedule date button. On the next screen check the details of your selected date and ensure you have selected the correct one if there are multiple dates for your event. Now choose your new event start date and end date using the calendar controls. Once selected press the Reschedule Date button.

2 Check your tickets

Navigate to Event Details > Edit Tickets in the Dashboard and check the off sale end dates for the tickets. By default the on sale end date is set to one hour before your event start date when you reschedule, you can change that and confirm the ticket entry times here. Edit the tickets as necessary.

3 Inform your customers

The most important thing to do is to let your customers know that the event has been rescheduled. You may want to email the customers yourself or alternatively use the messaging functionality on OutSavvy which you can read more about here.

Note: Tickets on the app will be automatically updated. You may however want to resend each guests confirmation email so their tickets have the updated date.