OutSavvy Partner Support

What if I need to cancel an event?

We understand that the worst can happen and you may need to cancel your event and OutSavvy is here to help!

1 Inform your customers

The most important thing to do is to let your customers know that the event has been cancelled. You may want to email the customers yourself or alternatively use the messaging functionality on OutSavvy which you can read more about here.

2 Cancel/refund all orders

Once informed you can either refund each guests individually or let the system refund all orders for you. To refund each order login to the Partner Portal, select your event and navigate to Manage Guests in the Dashboard nav. For each order, select the Manage guest arrow by the order. In the dropdown list at the bottom of the order select the Refund guest option. From here you can enter a refund reason for your record and confirm the refund request. If the ticket was paid for the refund can take up to 5 working days to appear in their account.

3 Cancel the event

Navigate to Event Details > Edit Dates in the Dashboard menu. Find the date you wish to cancel (if you are cancelling all dates do this step one by one) and select the Cancel date button. If you still have orders that you haven't refunded you will be alerted that cancelling the date will refund all the orders including all paid tickets, add-ons and donations. All your free tickets will also be cancelled. This can't be reversed so please ensure you wish to refund all orders before cancelling your event date. Please enter the reason for cancelling the event; this will be included in the order refund event sent to your customers.

You will be asked to re-enter your password for extra security before you can cancel the date. Once confirmed the system will begin to process all your refunds and your date will be immediately cancelled.