OutSavvy Partner Support

How do I add a Co-Host to my event?

It is now easy to add another OutSavvy Event Partner as a Co-Host for your event. Just follow the instructions below to add a Co-Host:

1 Select the event you want to add a Co-Host to

In the Events screen select the Dashboard of the event you wish to add the Co-Host to. Then select the following page from the Dashboard menu Event Details > Co-Host
2 Create the Co-Host token

Find the section titled "Add New Co-Host" and press the Add Co-Host button. Select the access privileges you would like to give to the Co-Host. You can find detailed information about Co-Host access rights here. If you do not give the Co-Host any extra access rights the Co-Host will only be able to view the Dashboard of your event and view information about the number of tickets that have been sold.

Once you have set the access rights press the Create Co-Host Token button. The brand new Co-Host token can be found in the list of tokens under the section titled "Active Co-Hosts". Tokens which are not yet used or activated will say "Token Not Activated" under the Event Partner Co-Host section.
Pro tip: One access token gives Co-Host access to one other OutSavvy Event Partner. If you want to give Co-Host access to multiple events you will need to create one Co-Host token per event.

3 Send the token to your Co-Host

Now you just need to send the new Co-Host token to the other OutSavvy Event Partner and the link to where the Event Partner can enter the token. The Co-Host needs to enter your token on this page (https://partners.outsavvy.com/cohosttoken) and they will then have access to your event and has the associated access rights as set in Step 2.
Tip: Once the Co-Host has accepted your Co-Host request, your event will be shown on their public Partner Page and appear on any widgets they have.