How do I add basic event information?

Adding your event on OutSavvy is really simple and can be done on one form. just click the big pink Add New Event button in the navigation to access the form. From there we collect details about your event.


1. Enter your event details. We need to get some basic information about your event including the event name and a small teaser for the event. As you type you can see how many characters you have left. The teaser is used on the website and app so keep it short and snappy. The event name is used on the event page, tickets and is also the url for the event. The event description is a much longer description of your event where you can give as much detail about your event as you can think of. This is your chance to really sell your event to your customers. You can use the formatting strip above the text box to add styling to the description.


2. Decide on event privacy. If you do not want to event to appear on the OutSavvy events listing page or app then set your event to be private. You can then send the link out to your private group without others stumbling across your event. You can change this setting at any time. Once private you can also add a password to the event. This adds another layer of security and gives booking access to only those customers who have the password (unless someone happens to be very smart and guesses the password or it is shared). You can also change the password at anytime.


3. Enter the location of your event. As you start to type we will try and guess the location of your event. If you spot it on the list click on the entry or give it a tap if you are on your fancy touch screen. The address is auto populated and a map shows the location. If the location is incorrect select the Reset location and try again. If we can't guess it correctly, find the nearest place in the list and manually change the address information as desired.


4. Give your customers all the details they need to enter the event. There are a number of boxes that allow you to enter information so that customers can book the event with all the knowledge they need. Enter relevant age restrictions i.e. 18 plus event, information about how they gain entry and also a space for any other information about your event i.e. wheelchair access, travel restrictions.


5. Enter your terms and conditions one by one. There is no limit to the number you can enter. Try to give all the information required such as your refund policy, door and entry policy etc.


6. Upload an amazing event image. A great event image speaks louder than words. The image dimension we use is 1200px x 584px, max size 2MB. If you don't have an image for those dimensions don't worry you can use our resizing tool on upload. Select the Upload Image button and locate your image. The resizer control will then popup and you can drag the rectangle to crop your image to the correct size. You will see a preview of the image once you select the Crop button.



Now you need to add your dates and ticket information. You can find more about these in the links below:

How do I add event dates?

How do I create tickets? 



You can Save and Preview your event at any time, you only need to enter your event name to preview the event.


Once you are happy with all the details (we advise you to save and preview the event before publishing) click the Publish Event button to make your event live. If you do not have any tickets on sale yet the event page is still created and customers will be able to purchase tickets once the on-sale start date has passed.


Your event goes live immediately once entered and you can send out your event link which can be found on the My Events page. OutSavvy does checks your event before it goes live on the app and in the website listing pages to make sure it meets the terms and conditions of using OutSavvy. This normally happens within the hour but can take a little longer if we need to get in touch with you.