OutSavvy API Developer Documentation

Error Response

There are a number of error responses that can be returned by the API. All error responses are returned in the same format as shown below. Errors can range from issues with token authentication, badly formed parameters or end points not being found.


Error responses always include a message for debugging purposes, a constant string value error code and an HTTP response code.

Sample error codes

Some of the most common error codes include:

  • NOT_FOUND - the url endpoint could not be found - HTTP error 404
  • EMPTY_AUTH - no auth token was provided - HTTP error 401
  • INVALID_AUTH - the auth token provided was invalid - HTTP error 400
  • NOT_AUTHORIZED - the token provided does not give you access to this method - HTTP error 403
  • RATE_LIMIT - you are over your designated rate limit for the past 24 hours - HTTP error 429
  • API_ERROR - an unexpected error occurred. If this error persists, please contact OutSavvy - HTTP error 500