OutSavvy API Developer Documentation

Order Response

This is an object representing a customer order on OutSavvy. Only organisers of an event have access to orders for their event. The Order response is never publicly available.

Private fields

  • id integer: The id of the order
  • event_id integer: The id of the event
  • event_date_id integer: The id of the event date
  • purchase_date datetime: The date of purchase for the order
  • date_modified datetime: The date the last time the order was modified
  • first_name string: The first name of the customer
  • last_name string: The last name of the customer
  • email string: The email address of the customer
  • email_sent boolean: Was the sales confirmation email sent the customer with their tickets
  • email_bounced boolean: Did the sales email bounce on delivery to the customer's email address?
  • price price: The total price of the order
  • fees price: The fees for the order
  • is_refunded boolean: Has the order been refunded?
  • date_refunded datetime: The date and time the order was refunded
  • referrer string: The referrer for the order where available. The referrer may be from a website, social media, direct etc.
  • active boolean: Is the order currently active?
  • tickets ticket: A list of tickets for the order
  • answers questionanswer: A list of answers to any dynamic questions captured for the order